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Leadership with a depth of experience

A team with experience and motivation to do more for you.
A new approach to private wealth — because you don’t have time for everyone else to catch up. It started with a ‘what-if' moment.
We created our private wealth management at Verus after clients told us they were tired of supporting the companies that weren’t fiduciaries looking out for their best interest.
What if we could work with a fiduciary that offers an array of services that would make your life easier?

Our core Values

All Of The Values That Make Us Verus Financial


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We innovate, staying on the cutting edge to provide a customer service experience that you can utilize to help further your financial goals.


The advice we give to our clients is pivotal in their financial decisions. which is why we pride ourselves on having flexible, tailored advice that differs on personal levels best fit for each individual client.


To us, discipline means having a plan to achieve a goal and committing to following it to the letter. Our advisors are disciplined in thinking and acting with both innovation and flexibility.


To us efficiency means using our knowledge, passion, and creativity to work smarter instead of harder. We are continually thinking of creative ways to become more efficient without sacrificing quality.


Ensuring that our advisors are knowledgeable and experienced in their field is essential to our firm. We provide our clients with advice only from an experienced team.

Meet The Team that Makes It Happen

Our experienced team is here to help and provide solutions to your financial challenges

Read about each of our experience-filled and diverse backgrounds that make our financial services unique to all Houstonians.

Minh Vo

Investment Advisor

CALL: 713-909-3188

Anthony Duangkaew

Operations Manager

CALL: (281) 727-0285

Katrina Wongmuangkan

Client Relationship Coordinator

CALL: (281) 930-5251

Tony Lopez

Director of Digital Assets

CALL: (346)202-0531

Juan Pablo Bohorquez

Customer Service Representative

CALL: (281) 369-4842

Roberto Coello

Property and Casualty Specialist

CALL: (713)417-0009

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