Director of Digital Assets

After 14 years in financial services, I sold my wealth management business in 2021 and have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle. I currently spend time in Tulum but depending on the season, my fiance and I may be in Miami, Mexico City, San Francisco, or Barcelona. We love to travel! I am now consulting and focusing my energy on educating clients on digital assets. My 14 years of experience in wealth management gave me the opportunity to learn how to solve complex problems into simple solutions and I love applying these skills in the digital currency space. Finally, I devote my time at Stanford Business School as a mentor to Latino business owners. I have had the privilege of mentoring for over 5 years and I have served businesses that are in the start-up (infancy) stage, the teenage phase, and up to the mature adult. I am passionate about partnering with those leaders and achieving the company’s vision.